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Hi, we're ExplainVid and we realize that you have one chance to make a great first impression online.

More importantly, you only have about 3 seconds or your dream prospect could be gone forever.

We help our clients make the best possible first impression by creating powerful 30 second to 3-minute animated explainer videos that we call your online elevator pitch.


ExplainVid is an animation studio with over 10+ years of experience in video & animation production helping companies from all over the world generate leads/sales by framing a current issue & explaining how their product or service can solve it in a simple, fun and effective way.

We value transparency and strive to deliver nothing but the best based on your business needs within the agreed timeframe. We are flexible, communicative and happy to discuss the pricing of larger projects.




Custom Explainer Videos

+1 billion $

Confirmed Client ROI 





How it works?

Our proven 6 step explainer video production process.

Curious how much? Check our animation packages!



Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Explainer Videos

Think about it: when was the last time you visited a website and read all the content, page-to-page? Now consider, what’s simpler and more entertaining: reading a page of text on your browser, or watching a beautifully animated and designed video that tells you everything about the company you’re looking […]

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PRÜVIT Keto//OS Explainer Video

We’re excited about our latest collaboration. This time, the ExplainVid team worked with Prüvit Ventures, Inc., a company that is the leading provider of ketone technology. Keto//OS is a first-of-its-kind consumer product that provides elevated blood ketone levels to the body. The product—and ketosis itself—is fairly new to the public, […]

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TRAFI – “Where To Next?” Explainer Video

  With the U.S. release of their latest expansion in the, the world’s most accurate public transportation app—TRAFI—is launching their new explainer video by ExplainVid. The request was for a short video for the mobile audience, just in time to be ready for a muted advertising campaign. With a confident […]

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