Our Proven 6 Step Explainer Video Production Process


1. Script
First, we do research on your company and set up an introduction call to fully understand your product/service and what needs it fulfills. Then we write an engaging script based on the goal and target audience of your video.


2. Storyboard
After you approve the script, we sketch up a storyboard based on that script where you will get see the screen by screen what your animations will look like.


3. Voice-over
After you approve the storyboard, we find the most suitable voice-over actor and make a recording of the script which delivers your message in a clear and straightforward way.


4. Design
We then show you a few examples with different style frames for the overall look and fool of the video. After we agree on one, we design full illustrations based on the previously approved storyboard.


5. Animation
This is where the magic happens! Our top-notch animators and sound designers create the perfect video where illustrations come alive and meet voice-over, music and sound.


6. Delivery
Finally, we deliver you the finished animation video in all necessary formats so you can implement them in your marketing campaigns and get maximum return.


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