Trafi is the world’s leading Mobility as a Service platform, powering Mobility-as-a-Service alternative to private cars in Berlin (Jelbi), Munich (MVGO), Switzerland (yumuv), and Vilnius (Trafi). Their advanced technology is also used to enhance mobility products developed by Google, Apple, Lyft, and Gojek.

ExplainVid created an animated explainer video that helped Trafi to get many new leads and customers for their app.


ExplainVid rocks! They’ve put Trafi app in a very concise format, easy to understand the content that helped to expose our best PRO features. Everyone from millennials to older generations despite their skills can get the idea what’s Trafi is actually about and why it’s useful for everybody who uses public transport every day. Once again, thanks ExplainVid!

Mindaugas Savickas – Marketing manager at Trafi