Viena Sąskaita is a payment service provider with headquarters in Kaunas, Lithaunai. Their platform allows users to make easy and simple payments of household bills with just 1 account and one single transfer. Viena Sąskaita has currently over 150,000+ customers that pay their fees at a time convenient to them, without the hassle of queues or many individual payments.

ExplainVid created a 15 second TV commercial explainer video that helped their campaign become successful and the company flourish.


We tried different partners until we found ExplainVid. We’ve presented our problem and our vision after a short discussion our vision was transformed into a totally different one. From that moment we understood that these guys understand these things better than we do. The schedule was really tight, but they managed to do it on time and the result is great! Great job, 100% recommendation from me!

Vytenis Ziberkas – CEO at Viena Sąskaita