CEO at "ClickFunnels"

I want to make a quick testimonial for my friends over ExplainVid. I think that there's nobody in the industry that I would ever hire again. Especially after going through the process, the prices were very competitive, but their quality was I'd say two to three times better than anyone else I saw. That's why I used them not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times so far and I'm sure I'll be back for more!


CEO at "Powur"

I want to shoot a quick video for the ExplainVid team, you guys are just rockstars! They go above and beyond, shoulder to shoulder. We've been talking together at 4 a.m. in the morning because you know of course our company has some crazy deadlines or we're going on stage, or we need this video by some crazy time and the team always pulls through. And our clients and partners, and everybody has just raved & loved even the most recent one we've done.


Marketing manager at "Mogo"

We have just finished our work on our new TV commercial together with ExplainVid and we are very happy with the result. We wanted to create an animated TV commercial for some time already but we couldn't find anybody who could live up to our expectations and now we have and it's ExplainVid, because of their work ethics and the quality of their work is really nice! Thank you and we wish you many more challenging projects!


CEO at "PB Sclupting Group"

During the conference Forum One we saw an amazing video by ExplainVid company for "Operation Smile" and we understood right away that that's exactly the quality that we need and we haven't mistaken, we are very happy with the result.  ExplainVid understood the goal, the vision, and the hard work we put in our work.  The video and website that they've created are already generating leads and we've just made our first sales!


CEO at "Gera Dovana"

Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada, "CES" conference, as the main slogan says, technology starts here! I'm the CEO of Gera Dovana and in my opinion explainer video for your customer, what your product is all about in retail, or in e-commerce it is the most important thing. We've chosen the best company in this business ExplainVid. The best proof that they are doing a great good job is we're gonna keep on ordering more videos from them.


Marketing manager at "Trafi"

ExplainVid rocks! They've put Trafi app in a very concise format, easy to understand the content that helped to expose our best PRO features. Everyone from millennials to older generations despite their skills can get the idea what Trafi is actually about and why it's useful for everybody who uses public transport every day. Once again, thanks ExplainVid!


CEO at "Vertex SMS"

I'm happy with the new explainer video that we got from ExplainVid company. Really good and creatively executed work. While working with the company we felt like we got a good price and great quality. The finished video looks amazing and to be honest it surpassed our expectations. We will definitely keep using their services.


CEO at "CityBee"

I'd like to say a few words about ExplainVid. These guys really helped our company. ExplainVid created a powerful and effective explainer video about our service. The quality of their work is fantastic from the initial script, storyboard, to the finished video. ExplainVid team created exactly what we needed!


Co Founder at "Forum One"

I'd like to thank ExplainVid team for really professional and high quality work. ExplainVid created a promo video that really helped our social campaign become successful. In a very short period of time, we've collected more than 25,000$. One of our speakers Bodo Schäfer said that he has never seen a more powerful video in his life.


CEO at "NoriuNoriuNoriu"

I remember when we started working together with ExplainVid, we came to them with our own vision on the video, but they managed to offer us even better ideas and were not afraid to criticize us and I really liked it. The speed of work, the price, and the final result were phenomenal. I'm very very pleased and happy and I know for sure that we will be working together in the near future, again, thank you! "


CEO at "Viena Sąskaita"

We tried different partners until we found ExplainVid. We've presented our problem and our vision after a short discussion our vision was transformed into a totally different one. From that moment we understood that these guys understand these things better than we do. The schedule was really tight, but they managed to do it on time and the result is great! Great job, 100% recommendation from me!


Business manager at "SEE Sistemas"

We found some hard time to explain to our what exactly we do and we called ExplainVid to do a very quick and simple video so we could reach some new level customers and we are doing that with this very simple video, thanks to ExplainVid, our customers love it and it's very easy to understand, thank you!

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